If you'd like to support Freedom Hope Church, you can now give online. Our sending church, Image Church, is graciously securing support for Freedom Hope Church in a designated fund. This allows them to work closely with us as a new church plant and provide accountability. All funds raised will be 100% used for planting Freedom Hope Church.

Click the buttons on the right to give a one-time gift to
Freedom Hope Church or set-up regular recurring commitments
to be automatically drafted from your checking account.

This method is safe & secure, and you don't have to worry
about writing a check each week or mailing an offering while
you are away. Feel free to use this online tool to for your regular
giving or towards any specified ministries or campaigns within
Image Church such as Freedom Hope.

Please Note: When giving online please select 'Freedom Hope' from the Fund drop down list.


Freedom Hope is like a new baby and newborns need supplies. You may not be able to give monthly but you could purchase an item on either wish list to help us serve our community.

Amazon Registry or Guitar Center Wishlist