Launch Team Highlight


Tiffani is my favorite member of the team, although I think I am biased because she is and has been my best friend since 2012. It’s very easy for me to describe her, her strengths and her passions, but it is very difficult for me to do it concisely, so here we go. She is so approachable, people feel comfortable around her instantly, because she is just a warm, fun, genuine person. She is a wonderful counselor (I can’t use that phrase without thinking of the Amy Grant song “Emmanuel” and it makes me laugh, heartily). She is also the ethical and biblical backbone of our friend group. She stands solidly in the Word of God, but not in an obnoxious, preachy, soapbox kind of way. She is just filled with truth and wisdom, that’s all.

                She has many passions, and I shall list them for you now: Jesus Christ is always number one, Doctor Who, strong female comic-book characters (who manage to keep their clothes on), working with young women (specifically helping them to love who they are and love Christ), Jimmy Fallon and his many hysterical antics, Mexican food, not getting indigestion from Mexican food, keeping her already clean home even cleaner (so that people feel welcome) and pouring into her friends and husband before she pours into her own self. There are many other things, but I’ll spare you the fan-girling.

                Tiffani has been dreaming and working towards founding/running a youth center, working in tandem with the Freedom Hope plant, and this dream of hers speaks to who she is as well. She wants to facilitate a place of safety, nourishment, and support for the young people of Chicago. She wants to help meet all their needs, just as Christ has met all our needs. This place will be called the Refuge Center and I’m certain there will be a blog post about it soon.

Written by Kristen Sowa