Launch Team Highlight- Kris Sowa


This is a tricky one to describe. I’m me. I’m her. So, I am too close to be objective. I also have a real problem with filtering myself and tend to ‘overshare’ as my often horrified friends will tell me: brace yourself for a bumpy ride.

I love Jesus. Seems obvious, but needs to be said, because some people are shocked to hear that when they get to know me and then find out I am part of a church plant team. I am an extreme extrovert so I never really stop talking and as I said before, I seem to have little control over what I say. I am scarily comfortable with strangers and I can build rapport with anyone. At the end of the day, I just love people. I really love talking to people, learning about people and serving people. That’s probably how I ended up in social work. That, and my love for endless paperwork; which is not sarcasm, I genuinely love forms and data, rules and policies.

I try too hard and I give too much, but that’s what gives me joy. I never feel more fulfilled than when I am spent, totally exhausted and empty from serving. From how I see it though, I’m trying to give like Christ gave to me, which is somewhat irrational and impossible. But a good goal, nevertheless.

I am looking forward to Chicago for 5 reasons; 1) Polish food (esp. pierogis). Also my polish relatives, most of whom I’ve never met, reside in Chicago. 2) Stand-up comedy #secondcity. 3) My masters in Social Work, I am currently deciding between two programs, both based in downtown Chicago, and both daunting. 4) Starting over. I’m running out of people to tell my tired old jokes and anecdotes to, I need a fresh audience. Because my life is a stage. 5) Hoping to see lives be transformed through the work of Freedom Hope Church!

Written by Kris Sowa