Launch Team Highlight- Kevin


 Kevin Hammell

“DJ K-Hamm in the morning, hitting you with the dope beats, and the honest Truth.” That’s the way I was introduced to Kevin, during a dorm meeting at the university we both attended. He was being introduced to the residence halls where he led spiritually for the following year, and he was being introduced by Dom Martin, his best friend and hype man. These two gentlemen were one unit in my mind, since they were always finishing each other sentences and laughing at inside jokes that no one, I repeat NO ONE, else knew. After months of trying, I finally weaseled my way into their club, and got to know who these guys really are.

Kevin is the most loyal and steadfast person I think I’ve ever met. He holds his cards close to the chest, which makes strangers believe he is shy, but he is more of a quiet observer. He sits back and reads the situation and the people. He and I are opposite in that way, and I thought that he hated me for the longest time, but I now understand he just doesn’t blurt everything out like I do. He considers what he says and he contemplates and listens better than an extrovert like me. I’ve watched his sermons and counseling sessions have deep and lasting impact on the students in the youth group we currently have the pleasure of serving together. He is dependable and above reproach.

Warning: emotions ahead. Kevin married Sam this last year. And being a millennial in the age of Snapchat and Tinder, it was so beautiful to see a young man pursue a young woman in a patient, prayerful, and intentional way. Their relationship is what has always been described to me by Christian couples who have been together for years and years – running hard after God and finding someone who is striving just as hard as you are along the way. Kevin’s focus on loving his wife and serving the church have made a huge impact on me. As a team member for this long-time-coming church plant, I have doubted many things: planting dates, fundraising strategies, and font size. But not once, has my trust in Kevin ever wavered. Because Kevin never wavers.