Why Care About Chicago


Three years ago, I wrote about this topic, and I felt now was a good time to revisit this question to reflect on our position as a team. I would not do this post justice if I didn’t come out getting straight to the point.  Why are we going to Chicago?  Simply put, we believe it is a calling from God.  Something that we believe was written in each and every one of our hearts, and if we did not pursue then we would be living in sin, blatantly disobeying God.  That is the simple answer, or as simple as it probably can be.  However, God has greatly emboldened and burned Chicago into each heart on this team.

            Honestly, I wanted to come into this post with crime statistics to display the brokenness of the city, but in my research, I was overwhelmed with what has happened this year alone and it is not even close to being over yet.  All that I can say is Chicago is broken.  The system is broken and the people are broken.  Gangs run rampant, and with that drugs and violence.  We hope to impact that.

            Our name is Freedom Hope for a reason.  We believe that Christ brings freedom from bondage, sin, and brokenness, and with that a freedom a hope.  A hope in a being greater than ourselves.  A hope in life that none of us can achieve on our own.  I love our name.  I think most of all I love “Hope”.  I think of verses like Romans 5:5 which says, “and hope does not put us to shame because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” 

            So, why Chicago?  Because God loves Chicago.  Jesus died for the people in Chicago, for the gang leaders, murders, and drug addicts, for the victims and their families.  Chicago is a broken city, but we are hopeful that God’s grace and love will be shown like a light in the darkness, and we are excited to be a part of God’s mission there!

Written by Kevin Hammell