Launch Team Highlight- Dom

Dom, or Donny Knockemdown (as he is affectionately known in the elementary school circuit) is fascinatingly dichotomous. He is both incredibly intimidating and deeply compassionate. He looms over you with a terrifying gaze, but also cuddles with all the kids in the church nursery. When people first meet him they feel confident that he is hard and callous because of his size and his resting angry face. But as they get to know him, they see that behind that threatening exterior is the biggest nerd you could ever hope to meet. His knowledge of the Bible is only rivaled by his knowledge of comic book and nerd culture. He can tell you all about the lineage of Christ (or most any biblical topic, really) and then in the next conversation have you believing that Magneto is actually the real protagonist of the X-men comics.

                I first saw Dom in philosophy class at Liberty University and I was certain he was a line-backer, based on his stature. But the first time I truly met Dom was when, was when he was pacing around outside my best friend’s dorm, waiting to take her out on their first date. He was praying and clearly nervous. And he is definitely going to kill me for putting that little tidbit in here. But they are married now, so it’s probably fine. *gulp*

 He considers everything, and he prays over everything. He walks with purpose in every sense of the phrase. He literally walks with purpose, he moves quickly and is careful not to crush us lowly townspeople under his size 18 feet. Not a joke, he really has boat sized feet. And he figuratively walks with purpose in the same way all great theologians do. He teaches and lives out correct theology and biblical truth. He, like his best friend Kevin, is steadfast and above reproach. And in that he is a leader that is easy to follow, because he is constantly keeping all of his flock bathed in prayer.

                Dom and Kevin prayed years ago about their calling in life. And separately, the Lord called them each to Chicago. As prayer continued, and time wore on, the vision became clearer, and clearer. Dom has walked with purpose towards Chicago and towards Freedom Hope for 6 years now. He has led our team with diligence and wisdom. I feel like a broken record, but we would follow him anywhere and we, his team, trust his every move. Because we know he doesn’t act on his own accord, he is an outstanding leader because he is an outstanding servant of God.

Written by Kristen Sowa